McKee Fehl Constructors

McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd is a medium sized Wellington-based commercial construction company with a reputation for successfully completing unusual and difficult construction projects on time and within budget. We ensure your complete satisfaction by performing our work for the most competitive prices, with the highest quality construction and to scheduled requirements.

Our highly motivated and experienced management team works closely to ensure maximum technical input and co-ordination for each project. McKee Fehl has created a full team approach which allows continuous review and ‘Value Engineering’ to actively maximise outcomes for its clients.

McKee Fehl takes pride in our intelligent, collaborative, and understanding approach to construction.

Projects undertaken by McKee Fehl are given:

  • a collaborative approach with a total commitment to quality
  • close attention to communications: both day to day and on a strategic level
  • integration with the design team’s BIM
  • adherence to and control of programme deliverables

All of these aspects are pervasive in our recent major projects and as such the delicate balance necessary to succeed in such an environment is ingrained in our company. As a main contractor, we take great pride in the transparency and strength of our subcontractor and supplier relationships. We own an extensive array of plant and equipment. This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients without being subject to the costly hire market.

Company History

McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd was established in 1973. In the early years, the company specialised in civil engineering work, gaining expertise in pre-cast and in-situ structures. These activities expanded over the years to include industrial, commercial high-rise and, more recently, restoration, strengthening, refurbishment and fit-out projects. In 1987, Maurice Clark acquired the company. As owner and Managing Director, Maurice has continued to grow this successful, innovative and versatile construction business.