Galathea: Into the Bush

Galathea: Into the Bush Performance at Public Trust

Public Trust Wellington Seismic Strengthing Heritage Upgrade Building Construction Restoration Award Winner

A season run of Galathea: Into the Bush is to be held on the Ground Floor of the Public Trust Building from Wednesday the 23rd of November to Saturday the 3rd of December. Originally written in 1588 by Shakespeare’s contemporary John Lyly, TwinCity Productions have used Galathea as inspiration for a new show. Galathea will provide both a temporary community space and a theatre in the heart of the city, celebrating Wellington’s vibrant rainbow community today.

We’re delighted that this beautifully restored building,” says Mark Amery of Urban Dream Brokerage, “which now houses the Ministry of Culture and Heritage can provide a stage for both history, community and the arts to come together in such a vital contemporary way, recognising voices from youth that are not always so well heard in such significant public space.”

In addition to being the performance space, during the run of the show from 1pm– 4pm Twin City Productions open up the venue as a community space for the public, with activities to be announced.