Health and Safety

Positive Health and Safety

McKee Fehl has a long history of positive performance in health and safety with all employees taking hands on approach to the management of workplace safety. McKee Fehl utilises robust management procedures which are tailored to each project’s requirements. Each of our projects has a tailored project management plan that identifies risk at each stage of the job, details the risk management procedures and enables our Project Managers to easily identify and record key project details. This document is a live working document that encourages high level planning and can be used as the project’s management guidelines by employees, subcontractors and clients.

With the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, McKee Fehl has incorporated our health and safety policies and systems of managing workplace risk into our standard operating procedures. McKee Fehl Primary Level accreditation of the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices in 2015, and has subsequently achieved recognition under the same system at Tertiary level in February 2017.

McKee Fehl ACC - Tertiary WSPM Accreditation Feb 2017

Each Operations Management Plan outlines the employer’s responsibilities and shapes the specific methods and documentation required to uphold the new Health and Safety Management System. It includes McKee Fehl’s yard policy and procedures, standard administration and company reporting procedures.

McKee Fehl uses a range of guidance and technical documents to train and up skill staff, providing information on high risk activities, plant and equipment transfer and hire documentation. On the job we regularly use task analysis to assess immediate risk with the involvement of all employees and subcontractors conducting the work. Providing guidance and standard procedures to workers participating on site allows all staff to be informed and work in safe conditions.

McKee Fehl’s Health and Safety management is an evolving system which enables all employees to test and review workplace procedures and alter documentation through appropriate review processes. The ability to involve workers from different backgrounds in Health and Safety Management has created robust and relevant documentation that has practical value.