2004: U.S. Embassy Upgrade, $4m

U.S. Embassy Marine Security Upgrade, $2m and U.S. Embassy Facilities Upgrade, $2m

Project Manager: Nick Samson

Site Manager: Bert Warda

Work with the US Embassy included a security upgrade of the Embassy boundary including anti-ram barriers and Guard Houses.

With a strict security code of conduct, all McKee Fehl site staff were screened with full background checks performed.   Day to day working in a secured area also included a continuous high level of physical site security.  This was achieved through the project stages involving special fencing and barrier control which moved with and facilitated construction, always employing the highest boundary control.

The Marine Security Guard upgrade involved a full design and build upgrade of their security conditions such as bullet proofing to windows and walls.  Similar procedures were implemented by McKee Fehl throughout the Marine Security Guard upgrade with continued awareness and sensitivity to the on and off site security requirements of the Embassy.   The high level of workmanship and retained security standards resulted in McKee Fehl subsequently being awarded the 44 Wai-iti Crescent residential refurbishment project for the US Embassy which was managed by Les Sciascia.

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