2015-2017: 22 Boulcott Street

22 Boulcott Street


Redevelopment of the old Dominion Post complex has rejuvenated largely vacated buildings into a sustainable office environment.


8,850m2 of lettable area now houses Transpower’s Wellington offices and critical facilities, most notably their Wellington based National Co-orDSC02697dination Centre and server equipment.

McKee Fehl worked closely with Transpower to ensure their high level of services and structural requirements were met. Structural resilience was key to ensure Transpower’s uninterrupted operations after a major event, with autonomy supported by an uninterruptable power supply and backup generator.

Much of the building’s structure was reused, capitalising on the existing form and utilising a Buckling Restrained Brace system in place of otherwise intrusive shear walls to provide an open environment.

A central atrium and bridges connecting the north and south buildings provide a unique social environment and further enhance the openness of the floors. The final result is a robust and efficient premium office building.