2012-2013: Boulcott Hall, $7.4m

Boulcott Hall, 47 Boulcott St

Contract and Project Manager: Stephen Cummings

Site Manager: Upega Laulu, Bert Warda

Quantity Surveyor: Rob Shirer

This conversion of a 15 storey office building into student accommodation in one of several undertaken by McKee Fehl have completed on a fast-track programme since 2010. McKee Fehl purchased the building and developed concept design and contractual terms in collaboration with Victoria University, on the basis that McKee Fehl would then complete the detailed design concurrently with the build in order to achieve the five month programme that the conversion project required.

Previously occupied by Internal Affairs, 47 Boulcott St included the complete strip out of the existing fit-outs, ceilings and services across the 4,834m2 floor area. A full facade reglaze was included with the installation of high performance double glazing as a major part of the redevelopment. Seismic strengthening was an integral part of the project and has produced a building which is now in excess of  100% of the National Building Standard.

The conversion required new mechanical plant, street water connections, main switchboards, service risers and reticulation systems to suit the new requirements. The building has been equipped with 180 bedrooms, common rooms, bathrooms, and laundry and commercial kitchen facilities.

Construction work was undertaken in late 2012 and the building was opened for occupation in time for the 2013 academic year in 2013 and has remained popular ever since.