2015 Projects

2015 Construction Projects

Skin Institute Fitout

Project Manager: Les Sciascia

Foremen: Bert Warda

The Skin Institute has opened its first Wellington Branch on the Ground Floor of 50 Customhouse Quay. This project has involved a high quality interior fit out with detailed technical mechanical services. With a design in keeping with The Skin Institutes other locations and responsive to the exterior building’s Art Deco facade. This project was successfully completed in July 2015

Craig Investment Partners, Seismic Strengthening and Refurbishment

Project Manager: Matt Fraser, Zack Walters

Foreman: Vern Wyllie

Located at 36 Customhouse this multi stage, multi storey building is undergoing seismic strengthening, refurbishment and multiple tenant fitouts. This project is being undertaken while the building is still operational and occupied by a range of commercial tenants.

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research Facilities Fitout

Project Manager: Les Sciascia

Foreman: Ilan Fisher, Luke Swainson

McKee Fehl is contracted by Victoria University of Wellington in association with the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research to redevelop an under utilised storage space into secure research facilities. The project involved complicated technical research components as well as extensive mechanical requirements.  The complexity of the original structure has influenced the construction which McKee Fehl has worked through progressively to achieve the desired outcomes for the space.

The facility was required to continue operation in the existing spaces and McKee Fehl have worked to limit and mitigate the effect of the construction works on the highly sensitive research being undertaking in the rest of the facility. Health and safety requirements have be incorporated into the projects objectives.

A high level of finish is required for this project to ensure the highly specialized facilities will operate as required without further requirements for remediation. This project also had a tight time frame of 3 months and was completed in August 2015.