Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd are committed to creating and developing buildings that work now and in the future. We have been involved in a number of Green Star design and construction projects in recent years.

Resource management and waste reduction are key factors in our environmental management policy. McKee Fehl ensures that the construction methods and waste management receives the required attention, avoiding the unnecessary waste of resources where practicable. Where contract works unavoidably intrude on the environment, reasonable care is taken to highlight the issues whilst seeking to minimize their impact.

McKee Fehl is continuing with these philosophies, including the Green Star registered projects at 22 Boulcott St and the redevelopment of 80 Willis St and laneway.

15 Stout St

15 Stout Street has been designed and built to a 5 green star rating. The decision was made to attain an as-built rating without first gaining a design rating, as the as-built rating signifies a more meaningful commitment to sustainability for the project, construction and built environment.

Elements of the construction have managed to achieve better results than those targeted due to careful management of the construction process by McKee Fehl and the construction team. The project team are proud to have produced a building that is adaptive to its environment, has recycled existing materials, and created minimal waste in the process.

The building services were specified with sustainable construction and life cycle costs in mind. The project team has realised its goals of a safe, healthy office environment that maximizes energy efficiency, minimizes energy consumption, is low maintenance and incorporated into an affordable build.

15 Stout Street 15 Stout St 15 Stout St Wellington Seismic Strengthing Heritage Upgrade Building Construction NZ Commercial Project Awards 2015 Gold 15 Stout Street Redevelopment Restoration Sustainable Construction Wellington Sustainable Building

Midcity Redevelopment and Department of Conservation

McKee Fehl worked to construct an environmentally friendly building that creates a healthy, safe, comfortable and productive modern work place environment. This project, designed and built prior to the Green Star programme in New Zealand, was built as the first refurbished development equivalent to 5-star Green Star office buildings based on the Australian standards.

The building utilises a number of passive and mechanical strategies to optimise the site’s potential and minimise energy consumption. The use of low-VOC (volatile organic compound) emitting products and sustainable plantation timbers meant the building is in keeping with the Green Star philosophy of design and renewable resources.

Mid City Redevelopments and DOC Fit outs, $20m Midcity-Redevelopment-and-DOC-Fitouts,-$20m--1